just mykonos

A beautifull setup spanning 2 levels with pretty much anything one could ask for a holiday villa


the minimalist

A unique 2-level, volume-based construction with a minimal interior. tap a photo to enter the gallery.


the loft

A 4th floor, 2-level loft that is no less than the perfect urban setup.


The ground floor of a 5 floor apartment block hides an architectural wonder. Cutting edge space management creates a modern design featuring an all-season arrangement


A 400sqm, 3-level arrangement in one of the most prestigious areas of Athens. Home of a family that contrasts the imagery by going beyond vanity to living a hard-working yet art-inspired lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “HOUSE

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      This house is truly a luxury treat! I also like rooms to look “real” as if someone actually lives there. It gives emotional load to the photo. Yet, in architecture photography less is more and a sure way to make lines (bent or straight) stand out. Kids rooms are a welcome exception as they look great with more stuff around.

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