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Aman Zoe

AmanZoe. Minimal aesthetics adhering to ancient Greek design make this hotel stand out by simply blending in. tap on a pic for full size




Melissi Resort. Located in Agia Napa, Cyprus. a family-friendly beach hotel smoothly ran by the most amazing team a photographer could wish to cooperate with



2 thoughts on “HOTEL

  1. This is simply awesome! By the way, the word ‘Hotel’ comes to a 6 power name expression and is the number of magnetic attraction, love and romance. Hotels attract that. Hotels are romantic in many ways and have been the destination of many romantic destinations, getaways or hideaways. 6 is a number that stimulates a sense of aesthetics and inspires decoration as well as redecoration, remodeling. Hotels are a temporary home far away from home. 6 resonates to the many social aspects hotels offer – entertainment, privacy, seclusion, social activity and a breeze from the patio with evocative smells wafting in the air…

    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing that interesting info! This is so true about hotels, they do have a feel about them that’s both attractive as well as romantic. No.6 has been and still is present in my life, mainly house and phone numbers. Am glad it’s got these amazing properties!

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